Darfur Union in the UK: The Continuum of Targeting Sudanese Youth and Students from Darfur Across Sudan by GoS: The University of Bakhtalruda Incident as an Example 

Darfur Union in the UK: The Continuum of Targeting Sudanese Youth and Students from Darfur Across Sudan by GoS: The University of Bakhtalruda Incident as an Example   
From May the 1st to July the 19th, the Sudanese Darfuri Student at the University of Bakhtalruda in White Nile State, Ed Dueim to be specific, have been subjected to various sorts of harassment by the National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS). The harassment was in form of racial abuse, imprisonment and torture. This goes back to a few months ago when the students decided to ask for their rights. Under the current constitution and the multiple peace agreement and cemented by a presidential decree, Students from the region of Darfur are to be exempt from tuition fees. However, as many other aspects of the constitution and decrees, most of the chapters were/are not there to be implemented/executed. As a result, the governing body of the White Nile State, plus the university refused the implement the exemption chapter, and the students were subjected to the aforementioned treatments because they dare to ask. 

About 1200 students thought collectively and handed their resignation from the university and they organised a peaceful walkout from the university which resided outskirt the city of Ed Dueim only for NISS to prevent public transport vehicles from taking any of the students and the students were left to walk 15 kilometres. The scene was similar in a way to the way force displacement policies are employed by the Government of Sudan against the people of the marginalised areas (Darfur, Nuba Mountains, Blue Nile State). Once the students made it to the centre of the city, arrests were made by NISS. 

This a continuum of violence by the GoS against the region of Darfur and its people. Targeting students in this manner is targeting education, and subsequently targeting any potential seeds for change in the near or far future. Students from the Large Bracket Area (Darfur, Nuba Mountains, Blue Nile State) were the direct target of pro government militia in following university between 2016-2017: Khartoum, Omdurman, El-Nilin, El-Gaziera, El-Fashir, Nyala, El-Genena (ref. 1), Red Sea and many other universities and Colleges. 

Darfur Union in the UK clearly sees this as an escalation of violence against the innocents and also against the civilian population. The act does also highlights constant preach of Human Rights by the GoS. Furthermore, the measures taken by the international communities and leading countries and organisations such as US, UK, EU and UN should take into account these violations when it comes to planning to lift sanctions/ as well as lifting the country (under the current regime) from the list of countries sponsoring terrorism; the GoS has continued harbouring extremist figures as well as providing routes and gateways to ISIS (ref. 2) and the current records does not satisfy the current lifting criteria. 

Darfur Union in the UK sends a plea to the local, international organisations and UK and US embassies in Sudan to provide the help needed to the displaced students as well as to provide protection by putting pressure on the GoS to allow access to the students and to prevent the NISS from subjecting the students to any further harassment . 
A copy of this statement to be send to the following:-

1. British Embassy in Khartoum

2. US Embassy in Khartoum

3. Department of Sudan and South Sudan, FCO

4. Desk the Sudans, the State Department 

5. Vice Chancellor, the University of Bakhtalruda

6. Sister Organisations in the Sudan and Abroad 

8. Al-Khatim Adlan Centre for Enlightenment & Human Development (KACE) 
Press Office – Darfur Union in the UK

Website: https://darfurunionuk.wordpress.com 

Email: darfurunionintheuk@gmail.com

Twitter handle: @darfurunionuk
Ref. 1: 

A Monthly Report on the Atrocities Committed against the People of Sudan in Darfur by GoS – El-Geneina as an Example
Ref. 2: UK – Sudan Relations – Interests vs. Atrocities and Human Rights Abuses   



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