Darfur Union in the UK – GoS Claims of ‘Absolute Security’ in Darfur is a Farce; Kidnapping, Forced Displacement and Demographic Changes are Ongoing 

Darfur Union in the UK – GoS Claims of ‘Absolute Security’ in Darfur is a Farce, Kidnapping, Forced Displacement and Demographic Changes are Ongoing   

Kidnapping of a Lawyer in Kabkabia, North Darfur

Last week, it was yet a another kidnapping of a prominent figure in North Darfur. On Wednesday, the 19th of April, and just after the sunset, Abdelrahman Abdullahi Hassan Daldam, a lawyer, was kidnapped in Elamiria district, Kabkabia. His car was intercepted by a Toyota Land Cruiser fully loaded with machine guns and heavy artilleries. The perpetrators were from the rapid speed force (RSF) and they were wearing their accustom RSF attire. A few wittinesses were there, and they confirmed that Abdelrahman’s car was also taken by the kidnappers. The lawyer’s whereabout is still unknown. 

This was not an isolated incident in the city of Kabkabia, a few weeks ago, two lawyers where detailed by NISS but there were released. The issue is that the RSF personal are often involved in kidnapping and asking relatives of the victims to pay huge ransoms to guarantee their safety. Abdelrahman was kidnapped just hundreds of metres from a police point. 
Dismantling of IDP in Gereida, South Darfur

Two days ago, and under the orders of Adam Elfakki, the Governor of South Darfur, IDP camps in Gereida were to transform into mini villages and the IDP will be given residency there or if they decided against the decision they have to evacuate the area immediately without any guidance or means of travel. In other words there is no choice but to agree with the plan. Also in the northern part of Darfur, the Muzbad Locality, is labelled by the GoS as the next target of forced displacement, followed by demographic changes. The area belonged mainly to native Zaghawa people (African tribe) for decades living with other tribes in peace. Now the area is been designated as a stretch of the RSF reward lands by the GoS.

Darfur Union in the UK is in contact with the civilians on the ground to gather information as well as to monitor the situation. 

This is by no mean is an isolated incident. It is a continuation of the government plan to implement demographic changes in Darfur Province by displacing the native population, Kuguli was another recent example (ref. 1)

As mentioned before in previous Darfur Union Correspondence, the regime is working day and night to execute their plan “b” for dealing with the situation in Darfur. The execution of the plan is an on-going, and it has now surfaced after Al-Bashir government managed to gather the precursors of their ultimate final product. The following steps are not listed in a chronologically order.

1. Masterminding and orchestrating a vicious war in the Province

2. Impoverishment and systematic marginalisation of the Province

3. Committing crimes such as genocide and ethnic cleansing, plus promotion of fear to act as a deterrent against people in the region

4. Create divisions between the fabrics that make the Darfur community.

5. Mass enforced displacement of the original/ native population

6. Geographical division of the Province (three to five, as of Jan 2016)

7. From 2014-2016 a new waves of attacks across the region, after the government reform the Janjaweed and the Border Control militias under one umbrella. This new unit is known as the Rapid Speed Force (RSF). It is a notorious group known for committing crimes such as mass rape and killing against the civilians. This group has somewhat replaced the army and police and it operates above any existing laws and rules.

8. Dismantlement of the IDP camps across Darfur is one of the main objectives of the regime. As the existence of IDP camps acts as an evidence for all the atrocities committed by Bashir and his pro government militias.

9. Then the matter of Darfur Referendum, where the resulted was rigged in a similar manner to that of April 2015 general election.

10. Introducing demographic changes in the Province, where the pro government personals, brought to fight the war, will be rewarded with lands which were cleared by enforced displacement of the native residents.

This is a direct violation of IDP human rights and it signals the failures of the international community to apply pressure on Bashir regime to stop the aggression against the people of Sudan in Darfur. GoS ultimate aim is to displace the native population and subsequently cause a forced demographic change in the region. 

The accumulation of crimes over the last 14 years have lead to the indictment of the only sitting president in the world, Bashir, by the international criminal court (ICC, ref. 2), and the criminal is still at large.

Darfur Union in the UK among other civil society organisations plea to the UK government, US and EU and other major players in the international community to continue their efforts to end the suffering of our people by addressing the following: 

The process of restructuring UNAMID to be a fully oriented force towards protecting Darfur’s displaced, and also to be more committed to documenting and addressing the aerial bombardment against civilian targets.

Darfur Union in the United Kingdom calls upon the international community to put pressure on the government of Sudan to stop targeting the civilian population of Darfur. To stop dismantling IDP camps there without an proper plan that ought to protect the rights of the people. We also appeal to Amnesty international and Human Right Watch to raise the case of the kidnapped persons and to document their cases, as this tend to guarantee them being alive in custody. 

The peace process and negotiations needs an independent mediator. We ask major players (US, UK and EU) to be part of the process given Britain’s historic ties with Sudanand due to the current mediators seeming bias towards protecting dictatorships in the region.


We ask the international community to continue its support of the international criminal court and also should push countries not to receive President Bashir for visits. The UK should also urge the ICC to amend arrest warrants in light of recent atrocities and consider advocating for expansion of the mandate to include atrocities committed in South Kordofan, Blue Nile, and other parts of Sudan.  
Press Office, Darfur Union in the United Kingdom

Website: darfurunionuk.wordpress.com

Email: darfurunionintheuk@gmail.com

Twitter handle: @darfurunionuk
Ref. (1) Darfur Union in the UK: Demographics Changes in Darfur Province and the Latest Report on Chemical Weapon usage in Darfur 


Ref. (2) The Prosecutor vs. Omar Hassan Ahmad Al Bashir – ICC-02/05-01/09

A copy of this report plus the mentioned accounts will be sent to the following:

1) Office of International Criminal Court’s chief prosecutor Fatou Bensouda, 

2) The Sudans department, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office

3) United Nation, UNAMID Central Press Office, Sudan

4) Office of Secretary General, United Nation 

5) Office of Secretary General, African Union  

6) US State Department, the Sudans’ Division. 

7) Amnesty International 

8) Human Rights Watch


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