Torture of British journalist and his translator in Sudan

Channel 4 News has aired 1st and 2nd parts of Phil Cox & Daoud Hari journey into Darfur to investigate GoS human rights abuses. Below is a good summary and useful links put together by Waging Peace team. Please help us spread the word.


Darfur Union in the UK

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Dear friends,

Many of you have probably seen the Channel 4 news documentary and other media last week about British journalist Phil Cox and his Sudanese-American translator and producer, Daoud Hari, #HuntedinSudan. For those who didn’t catch the documentary or the subsequent flurry of articles, we feel this is too important to miss so in this email we’ve put together some of the highlights of last week’s media for your convenience.

PLEASE NOTE: We appreciate this may not be easy for many of you to watch, especially if you’ve suffered similar abuses, so do take care of yourselves.

CHANNEL 4 news:
Khalid Al Mubarek & Dame Rosalind Marsden interview

Additional media coverage:
The Guardian produced a long read article, our founder and journalist Rebecca Tinsley’s controversial piece was featured in The Huffington Post and our Maddy Crowther was quoted in The Independent, The New Arab and was also interviewed by Radio France Internationale.

While this important documentary aired just before news of Syria’s chemical weapons attack last week, and so didn’t get as much attention as it could have, we are confident there is merit in continuing to share these pieces. Here are some things we can all do individually on the private and public platforms we’re connected to:
Share, share, SHARE the documentary & interview videos! Share to contacts in Sudan and around the world drawing attention to Khalid Al Mubarek’s interview and the Sudanese government’s continued denial of human rights abuses in Sudan.
Are there additional media opportunities to which you have access that can challenge Khalid Al Mubarek’s denial, including details of your own personal experience? If you’d like to discuss this with us, please contact
For those still in the asylum process, have you let your solicitor know about this recent media coverage? If you’d like our help sending this to your solicitor, please contact us and we are more than happy to help.

Best wishes for you Easter weekend,

Sonja, Maddy and Olivia


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