The Sudan Festival in Birmingham, a Cultural Diversity Exhibition and A Show of Support to the Victims of Bashir 

The Sudan Festival in Birmingham, a Cultural Diversity Exhibition and A Show of Support to the Victims of Bashir 

Birmingham has produced yet another show of unity by different Sudanese communities there. Unprecedented crowd (women, men, children). 

The Sudan Festival in Birmingham was an idea came after a group of youth in Birmingham (from different part of Sudan) have come together to create a platform which offer support to the civil disobedience in Sudan and support of solidarity with Bashir victim across the country. 

Prior to the festive day, the Youth Group for Coordinating Change in Sudan (YGCC) had organised two demo in London in support of the civil disobedience (ref. 1) in the country, and the second one was in Brimingam in solidarity of Bashir’s victims in Nertiti and El-Geneina (ref. 2).

The festival began in the afternoon of Sunday, the 19th of February as an exhibition of cultures from different part of Sudan, different attires, accessories, traditional dances, songs (Singer Hassan Holland was present throughout the day), section for children, a period dedicated for representatives of different organisations which came together to make the date. 


Darfur Union very own Babiker Suliman, the secretary for Social Affairs, was part of the organising community and a founding member of the YGCC. Other participants were from other sister organisation including members from the Nuba Mountains Solidarity Abroad and Voice of Darfurian Women. Also some political bodies were there, Sudan JEM, Sudan SLM/M, SLM/A, Sudan Communist Party, Omom Party etc…


Darfur Union in the UK was present in numbers and the delegates were lead by Mohammed Ishaq the Union Secretary General, who thanked the YGCC for organising the day and for showing the world the cultural diversity of Sudan. He also highlighted the importance of unity to face the adversity and to show defiance by using all the platform possible to us to represent our just case in the marginalised areas and the rest of Sudan. Also the need to always remembering our people in Sudan and beyonds, the victims, the displaced in IDP and refugees camps. For this reason the 4th March 2017 will mark the 2nd year in the row that Darfur Union in the UK will mark day by commemorate the 8th anniversary of Bashir indictment by the ICC. Details of the media campaign and the planned event (in Leicester) will be revealed very soon. 

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