Nuba Nation Open Day at the Heart of Birmingham, UK

Nuba Nation Open Day at the Heart of Birmingham, UK 

A open day celebrating the cultural diversity of the Nuba nation was organised by Nuba Mountains Solidarity Abroad organisation in Nuba Mountains Women Association in Birmingham. The event main focus was to raising awareness of the Nuba mountains, cultural and ethnic diversity and rich traditions. 

The crowds were cheering the dancers, who wore horns and colourful transitional attires and moved in a synchronised manner and rhythmic pattern which were breath taking. 

Whilst the day had a celebratory theme, it was also a show of defiance and unity by the Nuba people and their guests from different communities from Darfur and elsewhere. The government of Sudan is waging war against those communities, however, Bashir and his militias cannot kill a nation’s spirit and will to survive against all odds. 

An award film entitled “The Heart of Nuba” was on display, which covered Dr. Tom Catena (America Doctor) courageous journey to serve the needs of a forgotten people in the Nuba Mountains, as the region is bombed relentlessly by an indicted war criminal, Bashir. 

Darfur Union in the UK was present in numbers at the event and the exc. office was represented by Babiker Suliman, Secretary for Social Affairs. Babiker thanked the Nuba People for organising the day and for showing the world the cultural diversity of the region. He also echoed the importance of celebrating whilst remembering our people in Sudan and beyonds, the victims of Bashir and his government. For this reason the 4th March 2017 will mark the 2nd year in the row that Darfur Union in the UK will mark day by commemorate the 8th anniversary of Bashir indictment by the ICC. Details of the campaign and the planned event will be revealed very soon. 

Money was raised at the event by selling accessories from the Nuba Mountains. All the proceeding from the events will go towards Mother of Mercy Hospital in Nuba Mountains. 

Once again Many thanks to our sister organisation Nuba Mountains Solidarity Abroad and et. for organising the Event. 

Social Affair Secretariat – Darfur Union in the UK


Email address:

Twitter handle: @Darfurunionuk


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