Darfur Union in the UK: Bashir and his Janjaweed are Fighting Education in Darfur by All Means Necessary

Darfur Union in the UK: Bashir and his Janjaweed are Fighting Education in Darfur by All Means Necessary  
Two female teachers, living in a school dorm accommodation for teachers in the locality of Addar were attacked, 15 kilometres west El-Geneina, the focal point for Bashir’s national guards (also known as Rapid Speed Force). On the eve of the 1st of February, the two female teachers were kidnapped to an area outskirt of Addar. They were raped by two arm militia men, and then they were dropped near their place if residency by the two armed militia men.  

The crime can not by any mean be viewed as an isolated incident given the track record of Bashir national guards in the area, and also given the documented use of rape as a weapon against the civilians of the region. One can stop at the Tabit mass rape committed the Sudanese regular troop (see HRW, ref. 1)

Also systematic rape was used as a deterrent against the women and young girls belonging to some of the African tribes in Darfur as stated on the ICC Case Information Sheet (The prosecutor vs. Omar Al Bashir, ref. 2)

Women and children are the most vulnerable groups in the society in the region and under the current government. Amid the chaos and the crimes, education is serving as a lifeline for all. It is an uplifting force to thousands of young ones and the teacher who are delivering under difficult circumstances to say the least. Fighting education in localities and IDP camps has been a government policy in Darfur since 2002 and also in the other marginalised and war torn areas. An educated individual in the region is the greatest threat to the Sudan regime. Producing educated youngsters with potential future against all the odds threat the absolute control the government want to achieve in Darfur and beyond. Therefore, targeting NGOs which specialise in education by expelling them has cost the Darfur dearly as generation of youngsters were purposely denied the fruit of education, and as a result they became the by-product of the inflicted war. 

Teachers are always on the forefront of the struggle. They suffer harassment, being labelled as rebels that incite the population against the authority, all form of assault, killing, torture, and the use of rape by the perpetrators. 

Darfur Union in the UK stands with the teachers in the regions and across the country as they take this monumental task of passing the knowledge to the pupils and students. They are performing the Nobel profession under pressure and yet they are targeted. Darfur Union in the UK plea to the UNESCO to raise the aforementioned problems/ issues/ crimes to the UN Security Council to reform and ill-functioning UNAMID so that they fulfil the requirement of their mandate to protect and to report crimes happened before their eyes to the world and to use their privileges and authority to protect the vulnerable people in the region. 
A copy of this report will be sent to:-

1) Head of Office, UNESCO Office in Khartoum

2) HRW – UK Office

3) The Sudans department, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, UK

4) United Nation, UNAMID Central Press Office, Khartoum

5) The Sudans Desk, US State Department 

6) All the Sister Organisations in the Sudan and Abroad 
Osama Mahmoud

Deputy Press Officer – Darfur Union in the UK

Website: darfurunionuk.wordpress.com

Email: darfurunionintheuk@gmail.com

Twitter handle: @darfurunionuk

Ref 1: https://www.hrw.org/news/2015/02/11/sudan-mass-rape-army-darfur

Ref 2: 



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