Darfur Union in the UK – The First of January 2017 Marks the First Atrocity Committed by the Government of Sudan in Central Darfur

Darfur Union in the UK – The First of January 2017 Marks the First Atrocity Committed by the Government of Sudan in Central Darfur  
The residents of Nertiti and its localities 

Have welcomed the new year with much sadness and sorrow. Reports from Central Darfur region (01 January 2017) are just in stating that the Janjaweed militias backed by the government of Sudan troops entered the town of Nertiti killing 11 and injuring 24 civilians. Below are the lists of casualties. 

List of murdered locals:-

1. Taisir Mohammed Adam Ishag – 16 years

2. Faisal Mohammed Mohammed Adam – 25 years

3. Hanan Mohammed – 27 years

4. Kawthar Abdelhaleem Adam – 13 years

5. Abdeljabar Hussien Dawoud – 33 years

6. Um Alnaem Idriss – 11 years

7. Mudathir Issa Mohammed – 23 years

8. Jumma Hussien Siddig – 12 years

9. Muhammadain Issa – 30 years

10. Fatima Dawoud – age not confirmed

11. Mahasin Dawoud – 14 years
List of injured locals:-
1. Jaffar Makki Arbab – age not confirmed 

2. Muhi Eldin Osman – 24 years

3. Khadija Adam Haroun – 30 years

4. Hawa Mohammed Adam – 20 years

5. Zahra Yahya Suleiman – 30 years

6. Noura Omar Abbaker – 25 years

7. Sadia Ibrahim – 17 years

8. Fatima Omar Musa – 45 years

9. Aisha Yousif Abdelkareem – 52 years

10. Khadija Salih Hussein – 40 years

11. Hawai Eldodu – 40 years

12. Mubarak Adam – 30 years

13. Amir Makki Ali – 24 years

14. Mohammed Elhafiz Idriss – 35 years

15. Mohammed Yousif – 18 years

16. Haroun Mohammed Yagoub – 25 years

17. Yasir Abu Algasim – 17 years

18. Abdel Allah Yagoub Abdelkareem – age not confirmed

19. Eltaiyb Yahya Adam – 15 years

20. Saif Eldeen Zakaria – 45 years

21. Suwar Mohammed Idriss – 45 years

22. Elyas Yousif – 27 years

23. Badr Eldeen Haroun – 20 years

24. Abdelsalam Abbaker Haroun – age not confirmed 

Darfur Union in the UK plea to the United Nation Security Council and UK government to open an International lead investigation with regards to the latest crimes and violations of human rights taken place in central Darfur by the government troops. It is high time for the world to turn the attention to Darfur and other war torn areas such as Nuba Mountains and Blur Nile State, as it appears a second Genocide is unfolding before our eyes. Some governments in the world are still providing support to Bashir and his regime; the international community must act by applying pressure on these governments to stop supplying war equipments, which are used directly to kill the innocents across the Sudan. Also more pressure must be applied to allow humanitarian aid agencies to have full access to provide much needed medical attention, food etc… to the locals. 

We will continue to provide regular updates we receive from the ground. Copies of this reports plus the aforementioned accounts will be sent to the following:
1) Office of International Criminal Court’s Chief prosecutor Fatou Bensouda, 

2) The Sudans department, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, UK

3) United Nation, UNAMID Central Press Office, Khartoum

4) Office of Secretary General, United Nation 

5) Office of President of African Union  
Kind regards 

Press Office, Darfur Union in the United Kingdom

Website: https://darfurunionuk.wordpress.com

Email address: darfurunionintheuk@gmail.com
Twitter handle: @Darfurunionuk


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