Darfur Union in the UK:- The Civil Disobedience in Sudan – a Tale of Success

Darfur Union in the UK:- The Civil Disobedience in Sudan – a Tale of Success  
This time it was the civilians of Sudan raising awareness about the right of citizens to confront the unjust in the country, and in particular the sudden inflation in medicines prices. The people of Sudan wanted to register their disagreement with the latest policies from the Federal Ministry of Health, the policy that led millions of Sudanese to seek alternative ways of getting treated since they can no longer afford to buy medicines for themselves and their loved ones. Complete lack of long term strategies plus the continuum of greed and corruption by Bashir and his cronies. 

People raised their voices and said enough is enough as they thought of a clever way of sending a strong message by performing a civil disobedience, which was majorly successful in its first day – Sunday 27 November 2016. The wide participations by all sectors of the society from business leaders, factory workers, doctors, pharmacists, homemakers, small businesses owners, students etc… lead to empty streets, markets, town centres which is in one way or another, did hurt the economy that mainly cater for the cronies of Bashir. The act was not exclusive to the capital, Khartoum, Sudanese in other cities were integrate to the success of the first day of the civil disobedience. As expected the government lashed out by sending its NISS personal to take some of the civilians and put them in detention/ prisons, especially some of the people that were visible in some of the social media outlets. 

Darfur Union in the UK applauds the brave and creative act taken by the people of Sudan, which is going to be another seed for unity against the oppression of the Bashir and his government. The union also encourage the people to keep the momentum and continue the civil disobedience, which will put more pressure on the Government of Sudan to rethink its wrong strategies which have caused the country to bleed over the test quarter of a century. Some of the media centres across the world have reported that the percentage of success of the first day of civil disobedience was between 60-70% (ref. 1) 
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Darfur Union in the UK

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(Ref. 1) http://www.bbc.com/arabic/middleeast-38120871


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