Darfur Union in the UK condemns the killing of Mahdi Jabir Musa by pro government militia in Kass locality, South Darfur 

Darfur Union in the UK condemns the killing of Mahdi Jabir Musa by pro government militia in Kass locality, South Darfur  

On the back of recent reports about displacement of more than 93000 persons in Darfur as a result of heavily government bombardment campaigns on Jabel Mara, over the last few weeks, the atrocities continued in other parts of the Province. Fresh news has just come from the ground, Southern Darfur to be specific, where Mahdi Jabir, a shepherd from Kass locality, was guiding his herds in the outterskirt of Dougu village on Thursday, March the 10th, 2016, where and when he was informed of an incident involving his aunt Mekka Musa. She had been harassed by pro government militia members. When she tried to defend herself, she was shot on her foot. Mahdi hurried to the area in an attempt to rescue his aunt, only for him be shot dead by the same group. His body was carried to Kass city morgue. The victim’s family reported the crime to the local police, and through witnessed they managed to point out the main suspect. 

The perpetrator is part of the notorious Janjaweed militia, and most likely will not be persecuted as it has happened before, nonetheless, the family followed the legal procedure known by everybody. 

The crime could not come at a worse time. It came against the backdrop of atrocities committed against the people of Jabel Mara. Furthermore, it is been 7 years since Bashir Indictment by the ICC. The world inaction in this case has given the perpetrators the green light to commit more war crimes, crimes against humanity, genocide and ethnic cleansing in Darfur, Nuba Mountains and Blue Nile State. 

Darfur nion the UK calls upon the UNAMID forces on he ground to protect the civilians, and to perform their duties with dignity and professionalism by executing the mandate (under Chapter VII, UN Security Council resolution 1769) that’s allowing them to function within the country. Darfur Union in the UK also calls upon the citizens of the world, the NGOs and the entire international community to act now, to stop the second wave of Genocide against the people of Sudan in Darfur. It is high time for the world to live to its pledge of NEVER AGAIN. 

Together we can make a difference and give a voice to the voiceless. 
Osama Mahmoud

Deputy Press Officer, Darfur Union in the United Kingdom

Website: https://darfurunionuk.wordpress.com

Email: darfurunionintheuk@gmail.com

Twitter handle: @Darfurunionuk
A copy of this report plus the mentioned accounts will be sent to the following:

1) Office of International Criminal Court’s chief prosecutor Fatou Bensouda, 

2) The Sudans department, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office

3) United Nation, UNAMID Central Press Office, Sudan

4) Office of Secretary General, United Nation 

5) Office of Secretary General, African Union  

6) US State Depart, the Sudans’ Division. 


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