Darfur Union In the UK -Commemoration of the 7th anniversary of Bashir Indictment by International Criminal Court (ICC)

Darfur Union In the UK – Commemoration of the 7th anniversary of Bashir Indictment by International Criminal Court (ICC)
London, 3pm, Sunday, 6th of March 2016, 
In memory of the victims of :
Genocide in Darfur and beyond, 

Enforced displacement 


Demographic changes in the Province

Darfur Union in the United Kingdom, friends of Darfur, Civil society groups and NGOs, have come together with a plan to commemorate a very important day to all advocate of justice around the globe. 

The 4th of March, represent an important date for the people in Sudan in general, and those in Darfur in particular. It marks the beginning of long lost justice. A quick run down the memory lane unfold that famous press conference in La Hague, 7 years ago, where Luis Ocampo, the former general prosecutor of the ICC, announced that his team have enough evidence to prosecute Omer Bashir, the sitting president of Sudan, for crimes committed under his commands, that counts for the following:

5 counts for crimes against humanity

2 counts of war crimes

3 counts of genocide

The gathering of evidence of above mentioned crimes were concluded by the 12th of July 2010, under the statue of Rome. Two warrants of arrest issued by the Pre Trial Chamber are out there, and the perpetrator (Bashir) is at large. 

Since then, several light attempts were put in place to arrest Bashir, in Kenya, Nigeria and the last one was in South Africa, June 2015. During Bashir visit to participate in AU summit, an interim order was made by the high court in Pretoria, barring President Bashir from leaving South Africa, after civil organisations called for his arrest on the basis of an ICC warrant. Bashir managed to escape after the executive bodies failed to conduct the judiciary orders. This came as an embarrassment to SA government, and as a huge disappointment to the people of Sudan in Darfur, and justice advocates around the world. Nonetheless, the ICC prosecution case against Bashir has proved to be a source of uncomfort to the perpetrator and his government, and it is a source of inspiration for the people of the region. Since the indictment, Bashir and his militias have waged a viscous war in Darfur, and also extended their genocidal plans to the regions of Nuba Mountains and Blue Niles. 

Darfur Union in the United Kingdom invites all of you, to commemorate the date, to bring awareness to the issue, and try to find ways to reignite the just case of the people of Sudan in all platforms.

Three main papers/ presentations will be delivered:- 

1) Bashir Genocide in Darfur, and later on in Nuba Mountains and Blue Nile. 
2) The 7th anniversary of Bashir Indictment by ICC, the history of the case, and where is it now. 
3) The 13th anniversary of Bashir War against the people of Sudan in Darfur, the history of the conflict and its implications on the people there. 
When: 3 PM, Sunday, 6th March 2016

Where: London, off Edgware Road

Abrar House, 

45 Crawford Pl,


London W1H 4LP

The invitation is extended to all those who wish to see an end to the human crisis, indictment of the perpetrators and an end to the act of genocide. NEVER AGAIN. 

See you all there

Kind regards

Osama Mahmoud

Deputy Press Officer, Darfur Union in the United Kingdom
Please visit our website for the latest statements, monthly reports from the ground and future activities: https://darfurunionuk.wordpress.com

Have your say and let us know your opinion and suggestions via the following email: darfurunionintheuk@gmail.com
For more details please contact the following:

Elsadig Ali – 07478258243

Mohamed Ishag – 074459763996

Osama Mahmoud – 07927793354
P.S. A quick reminder will be issued a week before the actual event, at which the main speakers will be announced. 


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