Darfur Union in the UK condemns the killing of Student Salah Gamar-Eldin

Darfur Union in the UK condemns the killing of Student Salah Gamar-Eldin

On the back of recent reports about possible lift of sanctions drawn previouly against the Sudan regime, fresh news has just come from the ground, West Darfur to be specific, where El-Geneina University student, Salah Gamar-Eldin was announced dead this morning after he been subjected to brutal torture by Bashir’s NISS personals. The story goes back to Sunday the 31st of January 2016, when the NISS militias force entered El-Geneina university to disperse a peaceful debate and gathering of students in the main square. The action was followed by series of attacks against the students there. Salah was among the abductees. No one knew his where about for the following 24 hours. The next day, 01 Feb 16, he was dropped in front of his family’s home. Signs of torture were all over his body. The family rushed him to the hospital, and a few hours later he was announced dead.

The timing of the crime could not have been worse. It came against the backdrop of atrocities committed against the people of Jabel Marra and El-Geneina. Furthermore, we are a few weeks from commermorating the sevens anniversaries of Bashir Indictment by the ICC. The world inaction in this case has given the preparator the green light to commit more war crimes, crimes against humanity, genocide and ethnic cleansing in Darfur, Nuba Mountains and Blue Nile State.

Darfur Union in the United Kingdom condemns the hideous act by the government, which feeds in the narrative of selective targeting of Darfur students accords Sudan. Darfur students have been in the forefront of Bashir war against the innocents, partly to extinct the bright future of the the Province. We call upon the citizens of the world, the NGOs and the entire international community to act now, to stop the second wave of Genocide against the people of Sudan in Darfur. It is high time for the world to live to its pledge of NEVER AGAIN.

Any attempt of easing or lifting the sanctions against Bashir’s regime is flirting with fire. It is a dangerous move, and it will lead to more investment in NISS and the notorious pro government militias. Moreover, new weapons may end up in the hands of the already existing foreign extremist groups hosted by Bashir and his cronies.

Together we can make a difference and give a voice to the voiceless.
Osama Mahmoud
Deputy Press Officer, Darfur Union in the United Kingdom

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A copy of this report plus the mentioned accounts will be sent to the following:

1) Office of International Criminal Court’s chief prosecutor Fatou Bensouda,

2) The Sudans department, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office

3) United Nation, UNAMID Central Press Office, Kenya

4) Office of Secretary General, United Nation

5) Office of Secretary General, African Union


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