Darfur is Calling – London Demo – Saturday 23rd January 2016

Darfur is Calling – London Demo – Saturday 23rd January 2016  
As we have past the 13th anniversary of war on Darfur waged by the government of Sudan on the civilians of the Province, yesterday’s atrocities in the village of Mouly, El- Geneina, West Darfur, came as a reminder that the war strategies still alive, and the hideous crime of genocide is still ongoing. For that reason, Darfur Union in the United Kingdom, Friends of Darfur are calling upon the people of Sudan in the UK and their friends, NGOs and related bodies to take their concerns to Downing Street to break the baffling international community silence towards Sudan atrocities in general and Darfur genocide in particular. 
The Demo takes place at 1pm, Saturday the 23rd of January, 2016. 

The plan for 23rd January 2016

Assemble opposite to the Sudanese Embassy, in Green Park, London. The demo there will last up to two hours. 

Move to Downing Street on Richmond Terrace at 3pm 

Hand letter to Cameron at 4.00pm

Protest at Downing Street until 5pm
The invitation is extended to all those who wish to see an end to this human crisis and to the act of genocide. NEVER AGAIN. 
See you all there 

Kind regards

Press Office, Darfur Union in the United Kingdom. 


For more details please contact the following:

Elsadig Ali – 07478258243

Mohamed Ishag – 074459763996

Osama Mahmoud – 07927793354


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